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As a consulting group that has helped some of the top title agencies in the nation strategize their expansion, Mandrien Consulting Group is in a unique position to leverage our knowledge by creating a licensing guide that not only features a comprehensive, fully-cited explanation of all regulations but also provides practical advice and handy tips. We’ve organized the book as intuitively as possible, and we use language that is accessible while maintaining thorough accuracy. By distilling our knowledge and experience, we have filled a gap in the literature of the title industry.

Mandrien Consulting Group’s book begins with an introduction to the history of the title licensing industry. This introduction explains how and why the local business model is being replaced by a national one and identifies key players and trends in the licensing process. The guide then moves on to a state-by-state explanation of individual licensing requirements. The requirements are addressed point by point, with helpful commentary and notes. The manual also contains a full glossary and a set of handy quick-reference spreadsheets, one per state.

Mandrien Consulting Group wrote this book to serve as a step-by-step guide for title agencies planning an expansion of their national footprint. However, the information contained within is useful for title professionals of all types. Agents are advised to read it straight through to better understand their business potential and to aid in mapping a strategic expansion. The manual can also serve as a quick, easy reference for agencies that have already effected their expansion. Executives and compliance personnel will find the up-to-date citations extremely useful in assisting ongoing licensing projects.

We have no doubt The First Title Agent Licensing Manual: A Practical Guide to State by State Licensing Requirements will soon become a staple of agency bookshelves. Peruse around the website to learn more about this amazing offering!

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