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Guiding title agencies into a strategic national expansion is one of Mandrien Consulting Group’s signature consultation specialties. We are well aware that acquiring non-resident licensure is a complicated process. But it isn’t the complexity that makes national expansion so difficult. It’s the lack of a centralized, synthesized resource explaining the guidelines. All the information you need is out there: it’s just impossibly scattered. Agencies must spend precious time and resources hunting down every last bit of information before moving forward—depending on the circumstances, even a minor slip-up could be extremely costly.

Simply put? There were no agent-facing guides to nationwide title licensure. So we wrote one.

At Mandrien Consulting Group, we see no reason for forward-thinking agencies to waste their intellectual capital reinventing the wheel. Our goal was a thorough, well-organized presentation of all the information related to gaining licensure in each of the fifty states. And we succeeded: our guide provides exhaustive, fully-cited explanations of the laws, regulations, and statutes related to licensure.

Furthermore, we have included the practical knowledge we acquired over the years helping title agencies go national. Many of the issues growing agencies encounter are only indirectly related to the letter of the law, and you won’t find handy tips on the commissioners’ websites! We identify common pitfalls for agencies to avoid, reciprocity issues for agencies to sidestep, and state-specific quirks that agencies should keep in mind.

At Mandrien Consulting Group, we passionately believe in the value of shared knowledge. We believe that title agencies with a comprehensive understanding of the licensure process will be able to make more effective expansion decisions, thus increasing the overall quality and profitability of the industry’s services. When we began writing this book four years ago, we did so with the hope of creating an easy-to-understand guide that provides both detailed, exacting state requirements and a broad, unified overview state licensing. We are proud to say that we have succeeded on both counts! Click here to order today!

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