Rusty Solomon

Rusty Solomon is the CEO of Mandrien Consulting Group, the nation’s only management consulting firm specifically devoted to the title industry. At Mandrien, he directs the “3-Step Plan,” which allows title agencies to go from local to national in six weeks and includes continued compliance services. As a forward-thinking title veteran, in 2011 Mr. Solomon has spoken about process optimization and licensure at the ALTA Business Practices Convention and global outsourcing at The National Summit. Mr. Solomon was one of the main contributors to the licensing manual.

Matthew Montgomery

Matthew Montgomery is the Director of Strategic Services at Mandrien Consulting Group. With a strong professional background in operational consulting within the title industry, Mr. Montgomery specializes in planning powerful market entrances and conducting in-depth market research for clients. Through his efforts, he has learned the ins and outs of creating and executing national licensing expansions. Mr. Montgomery has 10 years’ experience in the title industry, and before coming to Mandrien Consulting Group, he was the Director of Commercial Title Services for a major national title agency.

Jaclyn Peterson, Esq.

New York attorney Jaclyn Peterson is a compliance specialist with a passion for promoting best business practices in the title industry. Before joining Mandrien Consulting Group as a general legal consultant, Ms. Peterson worked with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General and the District Attorney’s Office of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She also served as bluebook editor of the Widener Law Review.

Alexander Crompton

Alexander Crompton is a marketing professional with communications and business development experience in the United States and France. He serves as the Director of Corporate Communications at Mandrien Consulting Group, where he passionately promotes high technology, compliance, licensure, and business optimization programs. Mr. Crompton leveraged his expertise to ensure the clarity and elegance of the manual’s content.

Jeremy Solomon

Jeremy Solomon maintains his status as President of Mandrien Consulting and Business Process Director of Bay National Title Company. Before serving in this capacity he was the President of Criterion National Real Estate Solution.  A passionate title professional with broad spectrum of experience within the industry, he specializes in incorporating technological advances into innovative business strategies.