With the introduction of the Internet and the centralization of processing, it has almost become mandatory for agents to acquire licensing in as many states as possible. Without a broad state licensing base, an agent can easily miss out on opportunities to work with regional and national lenders. While being licensed throughout the U.S. is desirable, acquiring licensing in all 50 states may appear to be a daunting task. Each of the 50 jurisdictions involves different requirements for licensing. On top of that, the rules and regulations are always subject to change. In order to be of service to clients across a multi-state footprint, an agent must become an expert in the rules and regulations in each of the states, yet the process of becoming an expert can be time-intensive and overwhelming.

“The First Title Agent Licensing Manual” was specifically developed by the Mandrien Consulting Group to guide agents successfully through the complex process of multiple state licensing. The manual was created in cooperation with leading professional experts in the field of title insurance licensing. This comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide will remove the mystery and confusion from getting licensed in multiple states. “The First Title Agent Licensing Manual” will give you all the must-have tools to plan and execute a comprehensive, multi-state licensing strategy. This helpful and essential book explains the basics and particulars of title insurance licensing and clears up many of the common misconceptions about the process. The manual presents a complete guide to effective tactics, from basic strategies to advanced practices. Those who are new to the industry will receive an invaluable education about title insurance licensing, while agents who are seasoned professionals will gain a useful and relevant reference tool about best practices.

In this book, you will explore the history of title insurance licensing and gain an in-depth understanding about how the national databases currently work. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions to prepare, plan, and execute an effective expansion plan to acquire title insurance licensing across multiple states.

For each state you will learn the rules of basic qualification along with the particulars of each state about auditing, self-reporting violations and escrow requirements. You’ll gain a thorough understanding about title plant requirements, controlled business considerations, naming conventions, license renewal terms, and much more. The quick-reference spreadsheets list licensing requirements for each state, providing an immediate and easy-to-read point of reference. Whether you are new to the title insurance industry or want to expand your current knowledge base, this manual is a must-have addition for every reference library.

-Evan Grimm, CEO
Bay National Title Company